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   Mar 13

Some of the Latest Eco Friendly Products

New eco-friendly innovations and ideas arrive on the market all the time and some are better and saving money and energy than others. There are many different criteria to making a product green but it has to be either sustainable, recycled, comparative low energy consumption, or must benefit the environment in another way. At Greenstamp [...]

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   Dec 07

Fireplace Tips for Winter

For those of us lucky to have a fireplace it can be a great pleasure in the winter to have the hearth crackling as you sit cosy and warm, away from the snow and ice outside. And burning logs can be a cheap and eco-friendly way to heat a room too. While they produce smoke, [...]

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   Nov 17

Cold Weather Help – Keeping Warm and Staying Eco Friendly

It seems that the first signs of winter are starting to show as ice frosts the cars and the nights become colder. Keeping warm at winter is important; it’s a time of year where cold and flu put many people in their sickbeds which can be serious for the aged of infirm. But keeping warm [...]

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   Mar 10

An Eco Cup of Tea – Energy Saving Kettles

The kitchen is one area where we consume lots of energy. Cooking, washing, cleaning and even making a cup of tea are all tasks that require energy which not only costs us money but also contribute to our carbon footprints. And as the tasks we do in the kitchen are daily and regular occurrences, saving [...]

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   Oct 05

The Power of H2O – Water Powered Clock

The world is frantically searching for alternative energy sources, as we all know, with the shortage of fossil fuels, combined with the damaging effects they pose to the climate and environment, means discovering new ways of providing us with energy is vital for all our futures. There are some incredibly clever and eco friendly methods [...]

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   Jun 18

Dry your clothes the natural way

Drying clothes where there is no outdoor space or when it’s raining has always been troublesome. However, as we are all realising the environmental impact of using a tumble dryer, there has been resurgence in old-fashioned methods such as the clothes airer or clotheshorse. Whilst there are always going to be some who love the [...]

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   May 22

How to make paper logs

The logmaker comes in 2 parts; an outer tube and an inner plunger, first remove the inner plunger from the outer sleeve. Then lay a sheet of newspaper on a table and place the outer tube on it so that the top lip is about 3cm or so above the end of the newspaper. Next [...]

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