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   Mar 15

Growing your Own

Food prices are rising, and with current food scares, people are wary about what and where they are buying their food. Increasingly, people turn to fresh, organic vegetables for their dinner plates, but organic veg can be quite expensive. One way of ensuring you get fresh vegetables cheaply and know exactly what has gone into [...]

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   Feb 12

Planning an Eco Friendly Garden

If you have a back garden, you know just how much hard work it takes to keep it looking nice. With all the mowing, pruning, shearing and trimming, gardening can be back breaking work. However, it doesn’t have to be like this. Additionally, as much pleasure as our gardens give us, they can be a [...]

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   Jan 04

Some Stylish and Practical Solar Lights

Now we’re in the midst of long and dark nights, brightening up the garden, front path or even the home with solar lights is a great way to reduce the misery of winter. The great thing about solar lights is that they are not only free to use, as they consume no mains electricity, but [...]

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   Dec 23

Winter Garden Clearing

When the indulgences of Christmas are over and the hangover from New Year clears, it can be a time to think about tidying the garden ready for summer. Many of us neglect our gardens during the winter, after all, the lawn doesn’t need mowing and there is very little growing in the shrub rows. Come [...]

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   Nov 12

How to Deal with Garden Waste

At this time of year, many of us have huge amount of garden waste. With leaves now falling from the trees, keeping the garden clear can be a challenge. Of course, many local authorities now come round and collect our garden waste and take it for recycling. However, this is not always as eco friendly [...]

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   Oct 17

Log Stores, Log Makers and Natural Fuels

In recent years, possibly due to the spiralling prices from our gas and electricity providers, more and more people are returning to open fires, wood burning stoves and the burning of natural fuels. Wood burning has pros and cons when it comes to the environment. While it does produce smoke, which contains green house gases, [...]

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   Sep 07

Some Eco Products for Autumn

Autumn is a time when the days start to get shorter, the temperature gets colder and we have to rely more on the central heating and electric lights. Autumn, therefore, is a good time to prepare for winter and make use of some great eco friendly gadgets that will save us money in the winter [...]

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   Sep 01

Making the Most of the Sun: Solar powered gadgets

It is official; this summer has been the wettest in a century. You have to go back to 1912 to find such a dismal summer as 2012. However, just because we haven’t had our fair share of sun this year doesn’t mean we still can’t take advantage of what meagre sunlight we do get. Even [...]

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   Aug 16

Importance of Recycling Food Waste

Most people would agree that throwing food away is quite unethical, especially when you consider the number of people in the world who don’t have enough to eat. However, food waste is not just about ethics, it is also about wasting energy and resources. Huge amounts of energy go into producing food, from growing and [...]

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   Aug 09

How to Get your Kids into Gardening

Getting the kids away from the TV and video game console can be a challenge for many parents, especially in the summer holidays. However, years ago, kids spent most of the summer playing outside, and while not every parent feels it is safe for their children to run around the streets, getting them into the [...]

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