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   Mar 08

The Versatility of Wool

Despite being one of the oldest textiles used by mankind, wool lost popularity for many years. It had a stuffy image and was something only grannies knitted or only frumpy people wore. Thankfully, that has changed. Wool has had a resurgence in recent years and is now one of those in-vogue fabrics. And this is [...]

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   Jan 31

Looking after Wool Bedding

Wool has so many advantages more and more people are returning to this natural and eco friendly bedding. With the ability to keep you warm when it’s cold, keep you cool when it’s hot, and with anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic properties, wool bedding is perfect for adults and children. However, what puts some people off is [...]

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   Nov 07

From Ewe to You: the wool process

Wool is one of the most comfortable, natural and warm fabrics used in clothing and bedding. Nothing provides as good a night’s sleep as a pure wool duvet or 100% wool pillow, and wool is perfect for keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool has been around for thousands of years. However, [...]

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   Aug 25

Green Clothing and Eco Chic

Eco clothing has moved on dramatically since the sixties where the flower power generation clothed themselves in hemp. The move to dress in a more eco friendly manner has been slow, but more and more people are realising both the environmental and ethical problems associated with many of the clothes we buy. As the price [...]

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   Mar 23

Sustainability the New Eco Friendly Mantra

Because of the threat of climate change, energy saving often gets promoted as the number one form of eco friendly living. While it’s true that saving energy is important to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, we shouldn’t forget to the importance of other aspects of environmentalism. Sustainability is becoming more prevalent. More and more companies are [...]

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   Nov 01

Green Tips for Bringing up Baby

Having a baby is one of the most joyous periods of our lives, but of course, raising a family is not cheap and new babies can be expensive, but bring up a baby can also be a problem for the environment. Babies require a lot of attention and a lot of new clothes, nappies and [...]

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   Jun 04

Complexities of Going Green

Quite often, when we mean to do well, it can sometimes lead to us inadvertently doing more harm than good, and this is quite true of green and eco-friendly initiatives. With so much concern about the effects of non-biodegradable products on the environment, lingering in landfills, and causing pollution and an unsightly nuisance for decades [...]

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   May 29

Eco Products and Health

While saving energy and buying eco products around the home is great for the environment and can save money, being eco-friendly has other benefits too. Most people understand the importance of living healthily, and few people would argue that toxins in junk food and chemical-based products are good for the health, but unnatural products infest [...]

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   Mar 05

Eco Friendly Clothes at the Oscars

With the annual Academy Awards last week and British film The King’s Speech taking many of the top prizes, leading man winner, Colin Firth, was showing off some eco-friendly clothing when he picked up his best actor Oscar. The fifty-year-old actor and his wife, Livia, wore eco-friendly outfits at this year’s Academy awards to help [...]

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   Feb 21

Eco Fashion on The Rise

Eco fashion used to only appeal to a minority of people as many eco materials and clothing were unappealing with little style – often hemp-based and only worn by fringe groups. However, increasingly eco-fashion is becoming mainstream with more high street stores stocking it and some eco-clothing designers exhibiting their items at shows like the [...]

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