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   Apr 08

Understanding the Hosepipe Ban

Seven water companies have now implemented hosepipe bans, The water companies, which cover most of the south-east of England include: Anglian Water, Southern Water, South East Water, Sutton and East Surrey, Thames Water, Veolia Central and Veolia South East. From now on, and most probably until the end of summer, using a hosepipe is forbidden [...]

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   Dec 18

The New Agreement on Climate Change

While the most of the media obsessed about the crunch Euro talks of early December, another, more important conference was being held in Durban, South Africa. Governments and leading environmental organisations met at the 17th Climate Change Summit, to discuss the problem of global warming and layout new plans to help curb emissions and prevent [...]

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   Dec 10

Climate Change Conference in Durban

Representatives from all nations have met in Durban, South Africa for international climate change negotiations. The talks, aimed at getting an agreement between nations on climate change reduction, are highly political with many nations reluctant to restrict carbon emissions, save energy and invest in renewable energy, such as solar power, due to economic reasons. While [...]

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   Nov 19

Latest Eco News

Eurozone Crisis Threatens UK Climate Change Fund The difficulties facing the Eurozone have meant that a £3 billion climate change fund destined for the UK is under threat, according to a report by accountants Ernst & Young. Because of the measures taken by Eurozone’s major economies, a £14.3 billion climate change fund is facing a [...]

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   Sep 30

Alternative Energy Sources and the Future

Most of the world’s energy requirements are generated using fossil fuel reactors, namely gas and coal. Burning fossil fuels, however, is one of the major causes for greenhouse gas emissions. As greenhouse gases are the primary cause of climate change, the need for reducing our reliance on fossil fuels is obvious. And as fossil fuels [...]

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   Sep 29

Eco News

Greenpeace Celebrates its 40th Birthday One of the world’s leading environmental movements, Greenpeace, celebrated its 40th birthday last month. Started in Vancouver in 1971 by a group of activists protesting against off-shore nuclear testing in Alaska, Greenpeace were one of the first eco-friendly movements, but for many years the group were seen as a fringe [...]

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   Aug 29

Eco Products–Low Energy and Zero Energy

Energy saving products come in two different varieties, those that use less energy than traditional products and those that use no energy at all. Both types of products are great ways of saving energy, helping the environment and saving money, but with so many products claiming to save energy it can be difficult to establish what [...]

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   Jun 06

The Green and Eco Olympics

While many people feel disappointed this week, having failed to obtain tickets for the forthcoming London Olympic Games, there will be one winner come 2012–the environment. The London Mayor, Boris Johnson has pledged that London 2012 will be a green games, with hundreds of green projects coming to fruition in time for the games. The [...]

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   May 25

Are You Ready for World Environment Day?

5 June marks International World Environment Day. World Environment Day, a day designed to get people talking and thinking about environment issues and living more eco-friendly, has ran since the 1970’s, and increasingly more and more people are taking notice. Unlike Earth Day, held last month, World Environment Day is a themed event, promoted by [...]

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   Mar 28

Eco Shopping Bags – Genuine Bags for Life

The plastic shopping bag has been a scourge on the environment for decades. These polythene bags we’ve all used in the past to carry our shopping home from the supermarket, now still linger in the environment refusing to degrade and clogging up landfills, waterways and hedgerows up and down the country. Millions of plastic bags [...]

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