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   Apr 02

Energy Saving Products that can Save Money

Saving energy isn’t just about helping the environment and cutting down on greenhouse emissions. While saving energy certainly has environmental benefits, it has a more direct benefit to householders: saving money. Energy costs seem to be spiralling out of control with electricity bills at an all time high, so anything you can do to save [...]

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   Jan 02

What to Burn in your Logmaker

Logmakers are a great way to recycle waste and provide free home heating. Making your own logs out of household waste and other materials is easy to do too. Logmakers come will full instructions and it doesn’t take long to get the hang of compacting all the materials into burnable logs that can be thrown [...]

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   Sep 01

Making the Most of the Sun: Solar powered gadgets

It is official; this summer has been the wettest in a century. You have to go back to 1912 to find such a dismal summer as 2012. However, just because we haven’t had our fair share of sun this year doesn’t mean we still can’t take advantage of what meagre sunlight we do get. Even [...]

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   Jul 02

The Great Standby Scandal

A new government commissioned study has revealed UK households are wasting more energy than previously thought, and the culprit is the cursed standby mode. The study, by the Energy Saving Trust, called: Powering the Nation, measured the electricity consumption of around 250 British households over a 12 month period, and discovered standby mode could be [...]

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   May 03

Effects of Bottled Water on the Environment

Drinking plenty of water is a good idea to remain healthy, but many people think that bottled water is somehow better for you than tap water, as a result, millions of bottles of water are sold in the UK each year, but this has a detrimental effect on the environment, as bottles of water are [...]

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   Apr 10

Cutting down on Energy use in the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most energy demanding rooms in the home. Nearly everything we do in the kitchen requires energy, so by making changes and being more eco in the kitchen we can make a big difference to our annual energy consumption and save a little money in the long run too. Many [...]

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   Mar 19

Some Handy Energy Saving Gadgets

No matter how much energy you save by having an efficient home, turning off the lights when not in use, and making sure you don’t waste energy needlessly, it is always possible to save that little bit more. Energy saving is not a finite undertaking, there are often little bits of energy wastage that accumulate [...]

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   Mar 17

Eco Cars Unveiled in Geneva

Last week’s Geneva Motor Show, traditionally an annual display of gas guzzling sports cars by manufacturers such as Ferrari, BMW and Mercedes, was this year dominated by the electric, hybrid and eco car designs. Eco cars used to be poorly received by the motoring press, with their clunky looks and poor performance failing to capture [...]

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   Mar 15

UK Drought Worst in 30 Years

Britain is experiencing its worst drought in 30 years, officials have said. Hosepipe bans have already been put in place in many regions and all of us are being asked to save as much water as possible. This water shortage is due to the country having experienced one of its driest winters in years, leaving [...]

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   Mar 09

Energy Supply and the Challenges for the Future

Energy has never been more expensive. Whether its petrol for the car or gas and electric to heat our homes, we are paying more for fuel now than ever before. Things are only going to get worse too. Gas, coal and oil supplies are limited, and combined with the threat of climate change, finding new [...]

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