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   Feb 28

Some Eco Friendly Laundry and Cleaning Products

Doing the laundry and cleaning is not a job many people enjoy. Worst of all, cleaning is also one of the least eco friendly of chores. All the hot water, electricity, detergents and cleaning products means washing clothes and cleaning the house can be pretty unkind to the environment. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be [...]

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   Oct 15

Dust Mite Prevention

Dust mites are one of the biggest causes for allergies in both adults and children. Potentially serious conditions such as asthma can also be caused, and aggravated by, dust mites. Dust mites are microscopic creatures that flourish in warm, dark places, and eat human skin cells. This means that one of the most likely places [...]

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   Sep 24

How Eco is your Kitchen?

Kitchens are busy hubs. We spend a lot of time in our kitchen and do multiple tasks from washing up and cooking, to doing the laundry. This means the kitchen is also one of the most energy consuming rooms in the home. Not only are kitchens full of various electrical appliances, from the food mixer [...]

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   Aug 11

Laundry Day and Being Green

One of the tasks, which proves to be the hardest to keep green while doing, is washing our clothes. Virtually every aspect of doing the laundry is bad for the environment. From water and energy use to the detergents and softeners we put in the machine, are all bad for the environment. And drying clothes [...]

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   Jun 25

Radiators and Laundry

When the weather is bad, like it has been recently, it makes laundry day a bit of a conundrum. While you need to dry your clothes, you obviously can’t hang them outside on the line, while using a tumble dryer is not only expensive but it is highly energy consuming and therefore not very environmentally [...]

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   May 15

Exercise while you Work

One of the best ways of being a little more eco friendly is to replace the tasks that we’ve come to rely on our appliances to do, with good old fashioned elbow grease. Most of us know that walking is far better for the environment than using the car, but there are plenty of alternative [...]

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   Apr 12

Eco Friendly Laundry Day

Laundry day is not something many of us look forward to. All that washing, drying and laundry not only takes up a large portion of our day, but it is both choresome and not very good for the environment. All the energy, water and chemicals used in washing and drying our clothes makes it a [...]

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   Jan 09

Eco Laundry Tips

Washing clothes and cleaning the house may be a chore that most of us wished we didn’t have to do, but also they are not very eco friendly activities. The energy and water used in washing and drying our clothes, and the chemicals in many detergents and cleaning products have a detrimental effect on the environment. So [...]

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   Jan 01

Going Eco Friendly in 2012 – Room by Room Ideas

The New Year is the perfect time for people to start living a little greener and reducing the amount of energy they use and becoming all round more eco friendly. Getting started can be tricky, however, so a good approach is to look at the home room by room and work out ways you can [...]

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   Sep 10

Eco Friendly Housekeeping

Nobody likes housework. Keeping the home clean and getting on top of all those chores, such as the laundry and ironing, is a never-ending task. Housework takes time, energy and money, but housework can also be harmful to the environment. The water used doing the dishes, the chemicals used in cleaning, the energy used running [...]

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