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   Mar 25

Winter is over but don’t forget your Eco Lighting

Spring is officially here, although for many people in the country you wouldn’t know it, especially as there has been snowfall over the last week or so. However, spring does mean that the days are now getting longer and the nights shorter. Despite this, we all still rely on our electric lights in the spring [...]

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   Jan 04

Some Stylish and Practical Solar Lights

Now we’re in the midst of long and dark nights, brightening up the garden, front path or even the home with solar lights is a great way to reduce the misery of winter. The great thing about solar lights is that they are not only free to use, as they consume no mains electricity, but [...]

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   Mar 07

Energy Saving is not just for Winter

For most of us, our electricity and gas bills are much higher during the winter than they are in the summer months. Saving energy is therefore highly important during the colder months for helping us to save money, which is why items such as radiator panels and draught excluders are extremely popular. Energy saving is [...]

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   Mar 01

Make the Most of your Garden with Some Eco Friendly Luxuries

Summer can be all too brief in the UK, so when the sun is shining, making the most of it is something many of us want to do. The garden is perhaps the best place to enjoy the summer months; one way of taking advantage of the summer is to ensure the garden is a [...]

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   Feb 12

Solar Power around the Home

While sun can quite often be conspicuous by its absence in the UK, solar power is still an effective method of providing energy around the home. As solar power is a renewable energy, the more we can make use of it, the less reliant we are on power stations and the more we help reduce [...]

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   Feb 06

Making your Eco Garden more Eco Friendly

While the garden tends to get neglected during the short days and cold weather, the winter months are still a good time to begin planning for the spring. If you are interested in gardening, the chances are you’d like to make sure your garden is as natural and eco friendly as possible, and turning your [...]

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   Nov 05

Dark Nights – Eco Lights

Now the clocks have gone back, it becomes a time of venturing out to work and returning in the dark. While daylight saving benefits farmers by providing a little more light in the morning, for most of us it means it has gone dark well before we have returned home from work. The early darkness [...]

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   Oct 20

Natural, Chemical Free Candles

When it comes to relaxing, one of the best methods to help us unwind and calm down, is getting the lighting right. Lighting creates mood, and often our electric bulbs are too bright and provide too strong a glow to allow us to relax properly. Candles, with their flickering light and soft glow are the [...]

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   Aug 19

Garden Lighting–Eco Choices

Anybody that enjoys spending time in the garden knows the benefits of garden lighting. By providing illumination in the evening when it’s still warm enough to sit outside, garden lights help us to enjoy our gardens for longer. Garden lights also provide security, enabling us to see out into the back garden at night, deterring [...]

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   Jul 26

Energy Saving Lights an Illuminating History

The energy-saving light bulb is a common fixture in many homes. Saving both energy and money, they provide as much illumination as regular incandescent light bulbs but use only a fraction of the power. Many of us think of energy saving light bulbs as a modern and eco-friendly form of lighting, but their history dates [...]

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