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   Mar 29

Counting the cost of a Wood Burning Stove

Along with the Aga, wood burning stoves have become a popular item in many homes. This back to basics from of home heating can be a great eco friendly alternative to central heating and gas and electric fires. Wood burning stoves put out a lot of heat, and while they also produce emissions in the [...]

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   Jan 16

The Best Wood for an Open Fire or Wood-Burning Stove

As effective as Logmakers are for providing free fuel for a wood burning stove or open fire, and reducing recycled waste, most people will still require regular wooden fuel to burn to complement their Logmaker. However, not all wood burns the same way, and to maximise the efficiency of your wood burning stove or fire, [...]

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   Jan 02

What to Burn in your Logmaker

Logmakers are a great way to recycle waste and provide free home heating. Making your own logs out of household waste and other materials is easy to do too. Logmakers come will full instructions and it doesn’t take long to get the hang of compacting all the materials into burnable logs that can be thrown [...]

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   Nov 23

Choosing your Wood Burning Stove or Fireplace

Wood burning is becoming extremely popular with people wanting to save money on home heating costs and be more thoughtful towards the environment. With eco gadgets such as the Logmaker, that can turn waste paper into compact logs that can be burned on the fire, wood burning stoves make more sense than ever. However, buying [...]

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   Nov 08

Open Fires: Reducing Smoke and Maximising Heat

Having an open fire or wood burning stove can provide an efficient and cheaper alternative for heating a home compared to gas or electric central heating. However, some people are put off using an open fire because of the smoke produced and the need to continuously keep placing fuel on the fire. However, by using [...]

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   Oct 23

Where to find Free Firewood

Perhaps the cheapest and most eco friendly way of heating your home is to use an open fire or wood burning stove. With today’s record high gas and electric prices, burning wood on a fire can dramatically reduce your home heating bills. However, seasoned wood to burn on a fire still costs money, but one [...]

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   Oct 17

Log Stores, Log Makers and Natural Fuels

In recent years, possibly due to the spiralling prices from our gas and electricity providers, more and more people are returning to open fires, wood burning stoves and the burning of natural fuels. Wood burning has pros and cons when it comes to the environment. While it does produce smoke, which contains green house gases, [...]

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   Sep 10

Reclaimed and Sustainable Timber

Wood is an important resource. We use it for so many things, from house building to making furniture. Wood is also a precious resource as trees take a long time to grow and they play an important role in converting CO2, a common greenhouse gas, to oxygen. Therefore, when it comes to using timber, we [...]

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   Aug 04

Don’t you have a Log Store yet?

While summer is a time to enjoy the sunshine while it lasts, we should always be mindful that it won’t be long until the cold weather arrives and we’ll need to start turning on the heating. An increasing number of people are now turning back to more natural methods of heating a home and sales [...]

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   Apr 03

Log Store Overview

For anybody with a wood burning stove or open fire, log stores are essential. With a log store, you can season your own wood and not have to rely on trips to the garden centre for fuel. If you are thinking about using an open fire or wood burning stove next winter, this time of [...]

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