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   Feb 16

National Nest Box Week

This week is National Nest Box week. Held each year during the same week as Valentine’s Day, National Nest Box Week aims to raise awareness of our native bird populations and to encourage more people to put up nest boxes in their gardens. Because many of the natural areas where birds nest have disappeared, many [...]

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   Oct 24

Bird Tables and Feeders to Help Winter Wildlife

As mentioned before on this blog winter is a difficult time for our local wildlife, and none have it as bad as our local bird species. Robins, tits and chaffinches really struggle to eke out a living during the harsh winter months, so feeding birds can really help these beautiful creatures survive through the colder [...]

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   Nov 19

Looking After Birds This Winter

With winter now arriving its a good time to think about some of the garden birds that stay with us throughout the winter months.While many of their cousins fly south for the winter, a whole host of native birds stay put and have to endure the cod winter months just as we do, and what [...]

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   Apr 09

Encouraging Summer Song – Feeding the Birds

Enjoying the garden is one of the great pleasures of the summer and not only do flowers, blooms and a nice lawn provide us with a quiet haven but the local wildlife can be just as important in making our gardens a great place to be. Nearly everybody enjoys the sight and sounds of birds [...]

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   Feb 10

It’s National Nest Box Week on February 14

Whilst love is in the air during Valentine’s week its also time to offer a bit of love and kindness to our local wildlife. During 14-21 February, National Nest Box Week is aimed to encourage people to place nests, feeders, and bird tables in their garden to help biodiversity and breeding of our back garden [...]

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