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   Oct 25

Where Next for Gas and Electric Prices

The price of gas and electric has become a big political issue. With suppliers now charging record amounts from consumers. People have become so sick of these high prices that politicians on both sides of the divide have said enough is enough. It has been announced that energy companies will now be forced to tell [...]

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   Sep 13

The Effects of Climate Change could be Worse than we Fear

The effects of climate change and global warming may be worse than anybody first imagine, a new study has found. Melting Arctic ice could be compounding the problems of rising CO2 levels, by increasing the amount of sunlight absorbed by the sea, which will rise temperatures even further. Arctic ice acts like a giant mirror, [...]

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   Jul 28

The Plight of the Bee

Albert Einstein once said:  “If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years of life left. No more bees, no more pollination, no more plants, no more animals, no more man.” This inextricable link between humankind and the humble bee, as pointed out by Einstein, is now [...]

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   Jun 01

Eco News June 2012

Swallows Struggling to Cope with Unpredictable Weather Following one of the wettest Aprils on record, and a colder than average May, one of Britain’s annual visitors, the swallow, has been late arriving on our shores. Swallows, which make their annual migration from Africa to Britain each year, have been on the decline in recent years [...]

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   Mar 17

Eco Cars Unveiled in Geneva

Last week’s Geneva Motor Show, traditionally an annual display of gas guzzling sports cars by manufacturers such as Ferrari, BMW and Mercedes, was this year dominated by the electric, hybrid and eco car designs. Eco cars used to be poorly received by the motoring press, with their clunky looks and poor performance failing to capture [...]

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   Jan 25

January Eco News

New Laws to Make Washing Powder more Eco Friendly The EU has introduced new laws to curb the amount of harmful chemicals in washing powders and tablets. All washing powders and detergents, including those for the dishwasher, will have to be virtually phosphorous free from June 2013. Phosphorous in washing powders have a harmful effect [...]

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   Dec 22

Economy and Jobs – the Future’s Green

Since the global financial crisis that caused the 2007 recession, Britain has struggled to achieve any economic growth. Many industry sectors are struggling and large number so of people are facing the New Year without employment. However, one area of industry that is growing and continuing to thrive is the green sector. Green industries, those [...]

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   Dec 10

Climate Change Conference in Durban

Representatives from all nations have met in Durban, South Africa for international climate change negotiations. The talks, aimed at getting an agreement between nations on climate change reduction, are highly political with many nations reluctant to restrict carbon emissions, save energy and invest in renewable energy, such as solar power, due to economic reasons. While [...]

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   Dec 06

Carbon Reduction throughout the UK

Britain is on track to reduce its total carbon output, according to a government report released this month. The Coalition’s Carbon Plan suggests Britain is moving away from carbon dependency and total annual emissions are already 25% lower than they were two decades ago. Britain is aiming to cut carbon emissions by at least 80% [...]

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   Nov 19

Latest Eco News

Eurozone Crisis Threatens UK Climate Change Fund The difficulties facing the Eurozone have meant that a £3 billion climate change fund destined for the UK is under threat, according to a report by accountants Ernst & Young. Because of the measures taken by Eurozone’s major economies, a £14.3 billion climate change fund is facing a [...]

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