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   Jun 30

Benefits of Beekeeping – Beekeeping kits for beginners

Greenstamp has just introduced the Homebee Honey Hive, which is an exciting new product that offers both experienced beekeepers and newcomers a high quality Top Bar hive for keeping Honey Bees. For anybody that enjoys honey, who has an interest in helping the environment, beekeeping is an ideal hobby and with the Homebee Honey Hive, [...]

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   Apr 08

Understanding the Hosepipe Ban

Seven water companies have now implemented hosepipe bans, The water companies, which cover most of the south-east of England include: Anglian Water, Southern Water, South East Water, Sutton and East Surrey, Thames Water, Veolia Central and Veolia South East. From now on, and most probably until the end of summer, using a hosepipe is forbidden [...]

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   Mar 29

Barbecue Season is Here – Some Outdoor Cooking Tips

When the sun comes out, Britain suddenly erupts to the aroma of char-grilled food as people flock to their gardens and take advantage of the sunshine by dusting off the barbecue. Outdoor cooking is a great British pastime and is fantastic way of entertaining and enjoying the garden, but it does come with its downsides. [...]

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   Mar 05

Recycling Bins for an Efficient Recycling Regime

Recycling used to be something in which only a few people participated. Recycling bins used to be something that you had to go to your local supermarket to use, but now, recycling is now part and parcel of most household’s weekly chores. Most local authorities no insist householders take part in some form of recycling, [...]

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   Feb 06

Making your Eco Garden more Eco Friendly

While the garden tends to get neglected during the short days and cold weather, the winter months are still a good time to begin planning for the spring. If you are interested in gardening, the chances are you’d like to make sure your garden is as natural and eco friendly as possible, and turning your [...]

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   Jan 15

The Art of Composting

Composting is having a renaissance among gardeners as a method of fertilizing the garden and feeding the lawn. Composting is natural and inexpensive, requiring very little other than a good composter, time and a little patience. Why Compost There are several good reasons why gardeners compost. Compared to the amount of fertilizers and plant feeds [...]

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   Dec 20

Looking Forward to Summer – Making the most of the garden

With the cold weather making many of us feel glum, one way of cheering ourselves up is to look forward the summer months when we can get back outside and enjoy the garden. Being as summertime never lasts as long as we’d all hope, making the most of the summer months while we can help [...]

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   Oct 24

Bird Tables and Feeders to Help Winter Wildlife

As mentioned before on this blog winter is a difficult time for our local wildlife, and none have it as bad as our local bird species. Robins, tits and chaffinches really struggle to eke out a living during the harsh winter months, so feeding birds can really help these beautiful creatures survive through the colder [...]

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   May 21

Outdoor Living–Cabins and Cookhouses

By Richard Williams Reports in the press suggest that this summer could be a real scorcher, so we can all look forward to a barbecue summer and long hazy days in the back garden, enjoying the sunshine with our friends and family; however, the sceptics among us may suggest that weather predictions are often wrong [...]

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   Mar 30

Some Eco Friendly Garden Ideas for this Summer

With the warm weather we’ve been having it seems hard to believe that just a couple of months ago, snow lay across most of the UK. With the arrival of spring and the warmer months many of us are looking to our gardens and getting ready to prepare them for summer. While we are not [...]

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