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   Jan 19

Some Neat Renewable Energy Gadgets

With the amount of energy we all consumer, any device that can replace conventional power with a more renewable source is welcomed to help alleviate the climate change and enable us to live a little more eco friendly. Renewable energy gadgets are those devices that take their power from a sustainable source and don’t produce [...]

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   Jun 10

Father’s Day Eco Friendly Ideas for Him

With Father’s Day around the corner, many people are looking for the ideal present for dad; however, often buying presents for men can be really tricky–especially if you are considering going eco-friendly. Eco-friendly gifts for men are not as popular as those for other members of the family, but that isn’t because men are not [...]

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   Feb 05

DAB and Wind-up Radios

Despite the rise of the internet, cinema and TV, the radio, our oldest broadcasting medium, is still as popular as ever. The success of the radio, which is a popular now as it was during the days of the days of the old ?wireless’ is probably due to us able to listen to the radio [...]

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