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   Apr 06

Environmental Benefits of a Log Maker

Some people think that by burning paper logs made in a Log Maker in an open fire or wood burning stove it is not very kind to the environment. After all, they say, burning paper creates smoke. However, while this is true, the amount of emissions put out by burning paper logs is much, much [...]

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   Dec 27

The Cost of Paper Waste

Paper and paper-based products such as cardboard, are one of the most relied upon materials, even in today’s digital age. Everyday, letters, envelopes, newspapers and takeaway menus arrive though most people’s letterboxes, and paper still plays a key role as packaging material for many of the products we buy. At this time of year, even [...]

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   Oct 01

Things to do with Recycled Paper

Recycling paper is something that most of us do these days. And with the amount of unsolicited junk mail that comes through our doors it is a good thing. Paper recycling is very important for the environment because the more paper we recycled, the few trees need to be cut down to make new paper. [...]

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   Sep 10

Reclaimed and Sustainable Timber

Wood is an important resource. We use it for so many things, from house building to making furniture. Wood is also a precious resource as trees take a long time to grow and they play an important role in converting CO2, a common greenhouse gas, to oxygen. Therefore, when it comes to using timber, we [...]

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   Aug 27

Can you have a Green Wedding?

No matter how eco friendly you think you are, or how good your intentions are towards the environment, there are some occasions where all these good intentions go out the window. Weddings are flamboyant affairs, and quite right too. Nobody wants to scrimp during his or her big day or cut back on all the [...]

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   Aug 14

The Need for more Plastic Recycling

Most local authorities now insist on household recycling and offer recycling bins for card, paper, metals and glass. However, too few have plastic recycling schemes in operation, and this is a problem. Plastic is one of the most environmentally unsound materials. Plastic is made from oil, which requires large amounts of energy to get out [...]

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   Jul 26

Fix it don’t Chuck it

While most of us now recycle and think we are doing our bit for the environment, we are all still consuming far too much. We live in a consumer society that encourages us to buy and replace rather than repair. All sorts of things we purchase tend to last only a few months or years [...]

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   Jul 09

Five Basic Ways to Save the Planet

Being eco friendly is a never-ending task. No matter how careful you are to ensure you recycle, save energy and take care of the environment, there is always something else you can do, or stop doing. Many people take helping the environment to the extreme, but this kind of attitude can be off-putting to other [...]

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   Jun 16

The Recycling Cycle

Most of us recycle these days, separating our different waste into different recycling bins. However, few of us spare a thought to what actually happens to all that recycled waste, how it is processed and the types of products it is turned into. Different local authorities vary on the type of recycling schemes they operate. [...]

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   Apr 23

Reclaimed Timber Products

Reclaimed timber is a perfect way of recycling. Reclaimed timber comes from all sorts of different locations, from old boats and barns, to wine barrels and mine support beams. Reclaimed timber is not only more environmentally friendly than regular wood, but also because it has spent time out in the elements is more durable to [...]

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