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   Oct 25

Where Next for Gas and Electric Prices

The price of gas and electric has become a big political issue. With suppliers now charging record amounts from consumers. People have become so sick of these high prices that politicians on both sides of the divide have said enough is enough. It has been announced that energy companies will now be forced to tell [...]

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   Jun 22

Renewable Energy Subsidies

For those considering installing some form of renewable energy system in their homes, whether that is solar panels, solar thermal heating or a biomass boiler, the biggest consideration is often the cost these technologies can pose. While renewable energy systems can make substantial savings on home heating and energy costs, they do represent a significant [...]

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   Jun 20

The Great Energy Conundrum

The future of where Britain’s future energy will come from is a topic hotly debated at the moment. The threat of global warming has made many governments realize there is a need for cleaner energy production. However, different solutions for energy use all come with their own individual drawback, which is making the future of [...]

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   Jun 18

The Technology behind Solar Power Products

Solar power has moved on a long way the last few decades. There was a time that solar power could only be used for low power devices such as calculators. However, these days solar energy can power all sorts of devices, from outdoor lighting to battery rechargers able to keep laptops, mobile phones and other [...]

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   Jun 05

Choosing a Green Internet Service Provider

When we surf the internet, download music or shop online, we may think we are being kind to the environment. After all, downloading an album or film is certainly better than driving to the local town to buy the same product from a shop. Of course, we are using energy to power our computers, but [...]

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   Apr 16

Environmental Benefits of Flexible Hours and Home Working

Flexible working and allowing employees to work from home is becoming increasingly common. More and more employers are seeing the benefits of allowing employees to manage life, work and family by allowing a more flexible approach to the working day. Flexible working and allowing employees to work from home also has environmental benefits, which can [...]

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   Mar 31

Make the Most of the Sunshine with Solar Powered Gadgets

Most of the country is being bathed in sunshine, which is great news for all of us, but these added sunny days can bring with it some great opportunities to save a little money and energy by using solar powered gadgets to replace our conventionally mains powered devices. Solar powered devices have moved on a [...]

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   Mar 25

Solar Powered Gadgets – Renewable Energy around the Home

When it comes to reducing our impact on global warming, there are really only two ways we can help: to reduce our energy use in as many ways as possible, or to look to alternative energy sources. When it comes to home energy consumption, the only really viable form of renewable energy available is solar [...]

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   Mar 09

Energy Supply and the Challenges for the Future

Energy has never been more expensive. Whether its petrol for the car or gas and electric to heat our homes, we are paying more for fuel now than ever before. Things are only going to get worse too. Gas, coal and oil supplies are limited, and combined with the threat of climate change, finding new [...]

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   Mar 07

Energy Saving is not just for Winter

For most of us, our electricity and gas bills are much higher during the winter than they are in the summer months. Saving energy is therefore highly important during the colder months for helping us to save money, which is why items such as radiator panels and draught excluders are extremely popular. Energy saving is [...]

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