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   Jan 11

The Actual £££ Savings Eco Products can make according to Which

For those people who are skeptical about the cost benefits of eco friendly products, new independent tests from acclaimed consumer magazine Which has revealed some amazing results. The magazine, which tests all sorts of consumer items, from washing machines to lap tops, recently tested a range of eco friendly products to see exactly how much money they [...]

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   Apr 03

Log Store Overview

For anybody with a wood burning stove or open fire, log stores are essential. With a log store, you can season your own wood and not have to rely on trips to the garden centre for fuel. If you are thinking about using an open fire or wood burning stove next winter, this time of [...]

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   Mar 17

Eco Cars Unveiled in Geneva

Last week’s Geneva Motor Show, traditionally an annual display of gas guzzling sports cars by manufacturers such as Ferrari, BMW and Mercedes, was this year dominated by the electric, hybrid and eco car designs. Eco cars used to be poorly received by the motoring press, with their clunky looks and poor performance failing to capture [...]

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   Jan 25

January Eco News

New Laws to Make Washing Powder more Eco Friendly The EU has introduced new laws to curb the amount of harmful chemicals in washing powders and tablets. All washing powders and detergents, including those for the dishwasher, will have to be virtually phosphorous free from June 2013. Phosphorous in washing powders have a harmful effect [...]

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   Mar 15

Product Review – Choosing an Electricity Monitor

Electricity monitors are one of the popular eco products becoming common in people’s homes. More and more people are using these handy little devices to monitor their energy consumption and reduce waste. Not only can energy monitors like these help save energy, reducing your carbon footprint, but they can also provide the actual cost of [...]

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   Oct 16

Which Energy Monitor

Energy monitors are becoming hugely popular. So many families, businesses, home-owners and couples are looking at energy monitors as a way to help reduce energy consumption, save money and cut down on waste. With the hiking prices and limited competition in the energy market it is no surprise. Year on year, bills get higher and [...]

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