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   Mar 25

Winter is over but don’t forget your Eco Lighting

Spring is officially here, although for many people in the country you wouldn’t know it, especially as there has been snowfall over the last week or so. However, spring does mean that the days are now getting longer and the nights shorter. Despite this, we all still rely on our electric lights in the spring [...]

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   Feb 20

Welcome the Sun with some Handy Solar Powered Gadgets

Yes, it is cold, wet, damp, and the snow probably hasn’t finished for the year. However, it won’t be long before spring arrives, and with it the much welcome sunshine. And what better way to welcome the sun than by getting some great solar powered gadgets that will let you make the most of the [...]

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   Jan 04

Some Stylish and Practical Solar Lights

Now we’re in the midst of long and dark nights, brightening up the garden, front path or even the home with solar lights is a great way to reduce the misery of winter. The great thing about solar lights is that they are not only free to use, as they consume no mains electricity, but [...]

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   Dec 23

Winter Garden Clearing

When the indulgences of Christmas are over and the hangover from New Year clears, it can be a time to think about tidying the garden ready for summer. Many of us neglect our gardens during the winter, after all, the lawn doesn’t need mowing and there is very little growing in the shrub rows. Come [...]

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   Oct 25

Where Next for Gas and Electric Prices

The price of gas and electric has become a big political issue. With suppliers now charging record amounts from consumers. People have become so sick of these high prices that politicians on both sides of the divide have said enough is enough. It has been announced that energy companies will now be forced to tell [...]

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   Sep 17

Top Five Solar Chargers

Solar chargers are a great way to recharge our gadgets and devices, especially for those people that enjoy the outdoor life. Hikers, ramblers, climbers and mountain bikers often find themselves in locations where there is no access to a power point, so using the sun to add some juice to the trusty mobile or laptop [...]

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   Sep 01

Making the Most of the Sun: Solar powered gadgets

It is official; this summer has been the wettest in a century. You have to go back to 1912 to find such a dismal summer as 2012. However, just because we haven’t had our fair share of sun this year doesn’t mean we still can’t take advantage of what meagre sunlight we do get. Even [...]

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   Jun 22

Renewable Energy Subsidies

For those considering installing some form of renewable energy system in their homes, whether that is solar panels, solar thermal heating or a biomass boiler, the biggest consideration is often the cost these technologies can pose. While renewable energy systems can make substantial savings on home heating and energy costs, they do represent a significant [...]

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   Jun 18

The Technology behind Solar Power Products

Solar power has moved on a long way the last few decades. There was a time that solar power could only be used for low power devices such as calculators. However, these days solar energy can power all sorts of devices, from outdoor lighting to battery rechargers able to keep laptops, mobile phones and other [...]

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   Apr 18

Making our Gadgets more Eco Friendly

Gadgets are now part of nearly everybody’s lives. From computers and laptops to mobile phones tablet PCs, e-readers and MP3 players, most of us would be lost without our gizmos and devices. Of course, while many of these devices enable us to have the world at our fingertips, there is a downside. Gadgets use energy [...]

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