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   Sep 07

Some Eco Products for Autumn

Autumn is a time when the days start to get shorter, the temperature gets colder and we have to rely more on the central heating and electric lights. Autumn, therefore, is a good time to prepare for winter and make use of some great eco friendly gadgets that will save us money in the winter [...]

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   Jul 02

The Great Standby Scandal

A new government commissioned study has revealed UK households are wasting more energy than previously thought, and the culprit is the cursed standby mode. The study, by the Energy Saving Trust, called: Powering the Nation, measured the electricity consumption of around 250 British households over a 12 month period, and discovered standby mode could be [...]

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   May 11

How a Simple Eco Routine can make a Big Difference

While there are a whole host of energy saving gadgets and eco friendly products designed to save energy and money, when it comes to being eco friendly, small changes in our daily routines can make a big difference. A good example is the light bulbs we use. An energy saving light bulb uses a fraction [...]

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   Feb 26

Eliminate the Curse of Standby

Virtually all electrical devices, from the TV and DVD player, to the set-top box and stereo system have a stand-by mode. Stand-by has its uses; it enables us to turn a device on with the remote control, but it also comes with a cost. When a device is on stand-by, it is still on, still [...]

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   Oct 28

Turning Gadgets Eco Friendly

Gadgets are no longer the preserve of the techno-geek; nearly all of us have a whole host of gadgets, gizmos and electronic devices that we simply cannot live without. From the mobile phone and MP3 players we carry in our pockets, to the laptops, e-readers, tablet computers, and PCs we use at home and the [...]

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   Oct 14

An Overview of Standby Savers

Standby is a term used to describe devices that while appearing to be off, are still consuming power. Many devices our homes have a standby mode including TVs, DVD players, digital set-top boxes, music players, microwave ovens and computers. Standby mode does have some advantages, principally it allows all remote control operation of all these [...]

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