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   Mar 02

Why Wool is Kind to the Environment and Kind to your Skin

These days people care a lot more about the clothing and bedding products they buy. Eco friendly and natural and two things more and more people look out for when buying products such as bed linen. Man-made fibres and intensive growing methods of crops such as cotton, mean people are more savvy as to what [...]

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   Nov 21

Wool More Popular than Ever

You’d have thought in the technology age in which we all live, that ancient materials such as wool would have lost favour compared to more modern synthetic materials. While the development of polyester and nylon in the middle of the last century did see people move away from woollen products, today the demand for wool [...]

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   Nov 07

From Ewe to You: the wool process

Wool is one of the most comfortable, natural and warm fabrics used in clothing and bedding. Nothing provides as good a night’s sleep as a pure wool duvet or 100% wool pillow, and wool is perfect for keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. Wool has been around for thousands of years. However, [...]

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   Oct 21

The History of British Wool

Wool bedding is soft, gentle on the skin and keeps your body at a comfortable temperature. Despite all our advances in technology, nothing can match the pure comfort, warmth or the qualities of wool. Even astronauts wear wool inside the International Space Station because of its comfort, while trawlermen around the globe have never found [...]

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