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   Mar 08

The Versatility of Wool

Despite being one of the oldest textiles used by mankind, wool lost popularity for many years. It had a stuffy image and was something only grannies knitted or only frumpy people wore. Thankfully, that has changed. Wool has had a resurgence in recent years and is now one of those in-vogue fabrics. And this is [...]

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   Mar 02

Why Wool is Kind to the Environment and Kind to your Skin

These days people care a lot more about the clothing and bedding products they buy. Eco friendly and natural and two things more and more people look out for when buying products such as bed linen. Man-made fibres and intensive growing methods of crops such as cotton, mean people are more savvy as to what [...]

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   Feb 14

Studies Show the Effectiveness of Wool Bedding for Sleep

More and more people are turning back to wool for their bedding. Wool duvets, pillows and blankets are comfortable, natural and in keeping with an eco friendly lifestyle. Now, research has shown that wool bedding also helps you get a better night’s sleep compared to other materials. Scientists from the University of Sydney in Australia [...]

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