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Counting the cost of a Wood Burning Stove

   Mar 29

Counting the cost of a Wood Burning Stove

Along with the Aga, wood burning stoves have become a popular item in many homes. This back to basics from of home heating can be a great eco friendly alternative to central heating and gas and electric fires. Wood burning stoves put out a lot of heat, and while they also produce emissions in the form of smoke, this is far less than the emission put out for heating you home with gas and electric.

Log Maker will complement your wood burning stove

However, are wood burning stoves money savers? It is certainly true that you can pick up seasoned wood cheaply enough, and with gadgets such as the Log Maker, which allows you to turn recycled paper and card into slow burning logs, they certainly seems to be a money saving device as well as an energy saving device. Of course, wood burning stoves are not cheap to buy and install, so does this cost work out a good investment in the long run?


Wood burning stoves are not cheap. With starting prices around £600-£700, you can pay several thousand depending on the size and style you want. However, as with most things, it is worth shopping around. Not only do dealers often discount their stoves, but also you might be able to get a reconditioned unit. While these have been used in a home before, they often look just like new. Price can also vary depending on whether you want a back boiler to heat hot water too. A lot of people do like these, but with modern hot water mixer taps it is unlikely you will save that much money using your hot water boiler.


The cost of the wood burning stove is not necessarily the highest outlay. Installation can often exceed £1,500. It is important you only use the services of a registered installer, because a poorly installed stove could lead to your home filling up with fumes, including carbon monoxide, which can be fatal. You’ll need your chimney  and flue swept and cleaned, and sometimes lined to cope with the high heat levels of the stove. And if you want to heat hot water expect to pay more for installation.


Buying the stove and installing it isn’t the end to the costs of a wood burning stove. To ensure safety and efficiency you will need to have the stove serviced and your chimney swept, at least once a year. Expect to pay a couple of hundred pounds for this.

Running costs

A log store will save you money

Despite all these costs, it is in the running of the stove that you will make savings. While a bag of seasoned hardwood will set you back about £100, which could last a couple of months in the winter, you can always unseasoned logs and season them yourself, which will save money, but you will need to buy a log store in the summer. Furthermore, with a Log Maker you can produce fuel for free, so this will save more money.

As for the savings, a decent sized wood burning stove could save you between 10%-20% on your gas and electric bills, for the average three bedroom house this equates to about £100 to £200, while if you are all-electric, you can save up to four times this amount, which certainly makes a wood burning stove a good investment.

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