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Eco Friendly Garden Ideas for Kids.

   Aug 05

Eco Friendly Garden Ideas for Kids.

Perhaps the most important thing we can do to help our environment is pass on our awareness of it to our children. However, trying to get our children to understand the concepts of global warming and recycling is perhaps futile. But there are plenty of ways of getting our kids involved with the environment, help them build an understanding of their responsibilities and raise their awareness.

There are plenty of eco-friendly products available that can help inspire children and get them involved in the environment. One of the best places to start is perhaps in the garden.

Kids love the outdoors and there are plenty of ways to not only encourage them to get away from the TV and Playstation for a few minutes, but also help them develop and understanding of the environment and the natural cycles.

One of the easiest ways to start is to get them interested in the wildlife that visit our gardens each year. Bird tables and bird boxes are a good start. For the adventurous camera nesting boxes allow you to record the intimate confines of a birds nest and watch their eggs hatch – fascinating for most children.

But other animals can be encouraged into the garden and allow children to watch them. Hedgehog houses and frog and toad houses provide a great shelter for the animals and help them survive the harsh winters but it also allows children to get close to nature and understand the natural wildlife around them.

Wormeries are a great way of getting kids to understand the natural cycles. Kids love to get their hands dirty and worms fascinate many children and by using a wormery they can see first hand the benefits they provide the environment.

Insect study house are another great way for children to study the local wildlife and develop an interest in nature while there are a multitude of plant and vegetable growing kits that can help them understand how plants row. Carnivorous plant  kits in particular are a lot of fun for children who are fascinated by them.

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