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Energy Saving Products that can Save Money

   Apr 02

Energy Saving Products that can Save Money

Saving energy isn’t just about helping the environment and cutting down on greenhouse emissions. While saving energy certainly has environmental benefits, it has a more direct benefit to householders: saving money. Energy costs seem to be spiralling out of control with electricity bills at an all time high, so anything you can do to save a few pounds here and there has to be worthwhile. Of course, there is no point in spending hundreds of pounds on energy saving products if the financial savings only add up to a few pounds, but there are plenty of energy saving devices available that are both inexpensive and cost effective.

Electricity monitors

Envi Current Cost Monitor £44.99

If you want to save money on energy bills, knowing how much you use has to be the first step. After all, you can make lots of drastic changes and revert to all sorts of energy saving appliances, but if you don’t know how much power you are using before and after, you’ll never know what is saving you money and what isn’t.

Electricity monitors come in a variety of types and a range of complexity, but even simple devices can help you identify high usage appliances and times of the day, allowing you to make necessary changes. The great thing about energy monitors is that you can discover in actual pounds and pence just how much an appliance is costing you. By making just simple changes, such as turning the temperature down on your washing machine, or unplugging the TV at night, you will see the savings rack up.

Daylight Biobulb, a full spectrum daylight bulb that uses 75% less energy than a standard bulb

Energy saving light bulbs

Despite having been around for years, and despite only using a fraction of the energy of regular light bulbs, and despite lasting a lot, lot longer than incandescent bulbs, so many people are still using old fashioned light bulbs in their homes. This is crazy. Energy saving bulbs can save a fortune in the long run. Lighting is something we all need, and yet you could be spending three times as much as necessary by not switching to energy saving bulbs.

People do provide some arguments as to why they don’t use energy saving bulbs, such as they don’t like the light that is given out or they think energy saving bulbs take too long to warm up. While these were problems in the early days, modern energy saving bulbs come on at full brightness almost immediately. Furthermore, you can get the same lighting tones with an energy saving bulbs as you can with an incandescent bulb; you can even get daylight bulbs, which put out light that is identical to natural sunlight.

Solar powered gadgets

Solar Gorilla Laptop Charger gives you power anywhere

While the sun hasn’t made much of an appearance recently, using solar power can be a great way to save a few pounds, especially with those low energy gadgets we all seem to have these days. Laptop, phones, iPads and iPods all have to be charged up. Not only does this mean you can have a charger in virtually every plug socket in your house, but also over the energy used to charge all these gadgets soon adds up.

The great thing about solar powered chargers is that most gadgets that require recharging can be trickle fed. In other words, leave a solar powered charger on your windowsill and you can recharge your laptop/phone/iPad withot having to use any power. You don’t have to have blazing sunlight to make use of a solar powered charger either, as enough sunlight gets through even on a dull day to provide some power. Furthermore, solar powered chargers allow you to recharge your gadgets on the go, so they are a great travelling companion.

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