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FAQs about Wool Bedding

   Apr 03

FAQs about Wool Bedding

Wool duvets, pillows and even mattresses are having a surge in popularity recently. This is because more and more people are realising the advantages and benefits of going back to natural materials such as wool compared to synthetics. However, not everybody is convinced of the value of wool bedding, or are confused as to what its advantages is, so to help out, here are some frequently asked questions answered.

Wool is soft and comfortable

Is wool bedding more expensive than other types of material?

Not necessarily. While you can undoubtedly find some really cheap synthetic bedding products on the market, wool is no more expensive than cotton or other quality bedding materials. In fact, wool is highly durable, so will last a lot, lot longer than other bedding materials. Over time, this makes wool one of the cheapest bedding options.

Can wool bedding really help you sleep?

Yes. All sorts of research and news articles have shown the benefits of wool bedding for helping people sleep, especially children. Wool has many unique properties that are conducive to good night’s sleep. Wool fibres allow the skin to breathe, so you won’t feel clammy and sweaty in the night. In addition, wool maintains a stable body temperature, so in the winter it keeps you warm, while in the summer you feel cool.

Wool is easy to care for

Isn’t wool rough on the skin?

No. Wool bedding is kind to the skin and modern wool duvets are just as soft as other bedding materials. Softer in some cases. Additionally, wool is hypoallergenic, so it won’t cause allergies or aggravate the skin.

What about wool fibres, will they aggravate my child’s asthma?

No. IN fact, the leading cause of asthma and asthma attacks in the UK is dust mites. Dust mites are present in many bedding and linen products in our homes, but wool bedding contains a substance called lanolin, which deters dust mites. If your child has asthma, he or she will be better off in wool bedding than any other material.

Is wool eco friendly?

Absolutely. Sheep are bred for their fleece and are unharmed by its removal, so wool is a completely natural and sustainable bedding product. Even cotton is less not as sustainable as cotton plantations often take up- great swathes of land and require chemical herbicides and pesticides to encourage growth.

Isn’t wool harder to maintain than other bedding products?

No. Modern wool duvets and pillow can be machine washed at regular temperatures. In addition, wool is hardy and quite stain resistant so actually needs less care. If you spill something on a wool duvet it is very easy to wipe clean, and after a good airing, a wool duvet always keep sits shape.

Isn’t wool too hot for use in the summer?

On the contrary. Because of wool’s unique arrangement of fibres, it will help keep you cool in the summer by allowing the skin to breath. It will also draw moisture away from the skin, so you won’t feel wet and clammy.

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