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   Apr 03

FAQs about Wool Bedding

Wool duvets, pillows and even mattresses are having a surge in popularity recently. This is because more and more people are realising the advantages and benefits of going back to natural materials such as wool compared to synthetics. However, not everybody is convinced of the value of wool bedding, or are confused as to what [...]

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   Jan 14

The Uniqueness of Wool Fibres

Wool bedding, such as duvets, pillows and bed toppers are incredibly popular. People love the warmth, comfort and naturalness of wool, which is why the entire wool industry is having a renaissance. Wool has some remarkable properties, which is why humans have been using wool as bedding and for thousands of years. And the secret [...]

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   Dec 17

A Warm and Cosy Christmas Gift

While Christmas can be a magical time, it can also be pretty cold. At this time of the year, many of us want to stay warm and cosy, especially at night. So, what could be a better Christmas gift for somebody than buying wool bedding. A pure wool duvet, wool pillow, woollen bed topper, or [...]

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   Oct 31

Why a Good Night’s Sleep is so Important

Most people know that sleep is important, and yet, in the UK, the vast majority of people do not get enough sleep. Whether it is because we are staying up too late or we struggle to get off once we get into bed, not having enough sleep could be having detrimental effects on our health. [...]

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   Oct 21

The History of British Wool

Wool bedding is soft, gentle on the skin and keeps your body at a comfortable temperature. Despite all our advances in technology, nothing can match the pure comfort, warmth or the qualities of wool. Even astronauts wear wool inside the International Space Station because of its comfort, while trawlermen around the globe have never found [...]

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   Oct 03

Why woollen Bedding is so Important

Wool is one of the oldest natural fabrics still used today. People have been spinning wool and turning into clothing, bedding and rugs for thousands of years, and for good reason. Wool has plenty of benefits as a material, and these are just as beneficial fr us in the twenty-first century as they were for [...]

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   May 13

Bedding and Towels – the Natural Way

Buying eco friendly products is not always about thinking what is best for the environment. Sometimes, buying eco products can be better for our health and wellbeing too, and a good example is in the types of materials that make up our bedroom and bathroom linen. Many of our duvets, towels and other linen are often made [...]

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   Jun 02

Wool-Nature’s Eco Material

One of the basic tenants of being eco-friendly and looking for green products is the use of natural materials. Unlike man-made materials such as polyester and nylon, nature provides us with wholly natural and eco-friendly materials. Synthetic and artificial materials are produced from oil or other chemicals and these have several effects, not just on [...]

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