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   Apr 02

Energy Saving Products that can Save Money

Saving energy isn’t just about helping the environment and cutting down on greenhouse emissions. While saving energy certainly has environmental benefits, it has a more direct benefit to householders: saving money. Energy costs seem to be spiralling out of control with electricity bills at an all time high, so anything you can do to save [...]

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   Mar 09

Energy Supply and the Challenges for the Future

Energy has never been more expensive. Whether its petrol for the car or gas and electric to heat our homes, we are paying more for fuel now than ever before. Things are only going to get worse too. Gas, coal and oil supplies are limited, and combined with the threat of climate change, finding new [...]

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   Feb 24

Effectiveness of Energy Monitoring

Energy monitors are becoming a popular tool for many households, either keen to save energy, to make their households a little more eco friendly, or save money, especially with the current record-high electricity prices. Electricity monitors work by measuring the amount of energy a house is consuming. Most electricity monitors work in real time and [...]

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   Aug 30

Energy Saving Monitors – Review

Energy saving monitors are a great way to cut down on your electricity bills and help reduce your carbon footprint. Thee are a wide variety of energy saving monitors here are several of the best: Efergy Elite The  advantage of the Efergy Elite is the in-depth memory function. This enables the user to see exactly [...]

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