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   Apr 02

Energy Saving Products that can Save Money

Saving energy isn’t just about helping the environment and cutting down on greenhouse emissions. While saving energy certainly has environmental benefits, it has a more direct benefit to householders: saving money. Energy costs seem to be spiralling out of control with electricity bills at an all time high, so anything you can do to save [...]

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   Mar 25

Winter is over but don’t forget your Eco Lighting

Spring is officially here, although for many people in the country you wouldn’t know it, especially as there has been snowfall over the last week or so. However, spring does mean that the days are now getting longer and the nights shorter. Despite this, we all still rely on our electric lights in the spring [...]

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   Jan 11

The Actual £££ Savings Eco Products can make according to Which

For those people who are skeptical about the cost benefits of eco friendly products, new independent tests from acclaimed consumer magazine Which has revealed some amazing results. The magazine, which tests all sorts of consumer items, from washing machines to lap tops, recently tested a range of eco friendly products to see exactly how much money they [...]

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   May 11

How a Simple Eco Routine can make a Big Difference

While there are a whole host of energy saving gadgets and eco friendly products designed to save energy and money, when it comes to being eco friendly, small changes in our daily routines can make a big difference. A good example is the light bulbs we use. An energy saving light bulb uses a fraction [...]

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   Mar 09

Energy Supply and the Challenges for the Future

Energy has never been more expensive. Whether its petrol for the car or gas and electric to heat our homes, we are paying more for fuel now than ever before. Things are only going to get worse too. Gas, coal and oil supplies are limited, and combined with the threat of climate change, finding new [...]

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   Mar 07

Energy Saving is not just for Winter

For most of us, our electricity and gas bills are much higher during the winter than they are in the summer months. Saving energy is therefore highly important during the colder months for helping us to save money, which is why items such as radiator panels and draught excluders are extremely popular. Energy saving is [...]

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   Nov 07

Growth of Eco Housing

A new eco-friendly housing estate has been for Airedale, Yorkshire, which the local council has said will cut tenant’s energy by bills by nearly a half. The 91 homes, being built by Wakefield and District Housing, will have solar panels, heat ventilation systems, triple glazed windows, highly insulated walls and water recycling units, making the [...]

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   Aug 29

Eco Products–Low Energy and Zero Energy

Energy saving products come in two different varieties, those that use less energy than traditional products and those that use no energy at all. Both types of products are great ways of saving energy, helping the environment and saving money, but with so many products claiming to save energy it can be difficult to establish what [...]

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   Jul 26

Energy Saving Lights an Illuminating History

The energy-saving light bulb is a common fixture in many homes. Saving both energy and money, they provide as much illumination as regular incandescent light bulbs but use only a fraction of the power. Many of us think of energy saving light bulbs as a modern and eco-friendly form of lighting, but their history dates [...]

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   Jun 24

UK Tunnel Gets Eco Lights

For the first time, a British tunnel has had Eco lighting installed, which could slash both costs and carbon emissions. Upper Thames Street westbound tunnel, in the centre of London, has had the previous incandescent light bulbs replaced with long-life LED lights.. The new eco lights could reduce power consumption by up to 60%, slashing [...]

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