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   Feb 16

National Nest Box Week

This week is National Nest Box week. Held each year during the same week as Valentine’s Day, National Nest Box Week aims to raise awareness of our native bird populations and to encourage more people to put up nest boxes in their gardens. Because many of the natural areas where birds nest have disappeared, many [...]

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   May 19

Bird Tables and Nesting Boxes for Small Bird Species

By Richard Williams Summer brings with it plenty of pleasures including warmer weather, prolonged daylight and the beauty of blooming flowers in our back gardens. And for those lucky enough to have a back garden, enjoying long summer evenings can often be made more enjoyable by the singing and twittering of birds, and the sight [...]

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   Feb 10

It’s National Nest Box Week on February 14

Whilst love is in the air during Valentine’s week its also time to offer a bit of love and kindness to our local wildlife. During 14-21 February, National Nest Box Week is aimed to encourage people to place nests, feeders, and bird tables in their garden to help biodiversity and breeding of our back garden [...]

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