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   Feb 20

Welcome the Sun with some Handy Solar Powered Gadgets

Yes, it is cold, wet, damp, and the snow probably hasn’t finished for the year. However, it won’t be long before spring arrives, and with it the much welcome sunshine. And what better way to welcome the sun than by getting some great solar powered gadgets that will let you make the most of the [...]

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   Nov 19

The Great Wind Farm Debate

Wind farms have been in the headlines a lot recently. While most people are aware of the need to turn to more eco friendly energy sources, wind farms receive fierce opposition whenever there are plans to build one in a community. So much so, politicians are debating the future of wind power in the UK, [...]

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   Jun 01

Eco News June 2012

Swallows Struggling to Cope with Unpredictable Weather Following one of the wettest Aprils on record, and a colder than average May, one of Britain’s annual visitors, the swallow, has been late arriving on our shores. Swallows, which make their annual migration from Africa to Britain each year, have been on the decline in recent years [...]

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   Mar 27

Tidal Power comes to the UK

The UK is to be home to the world’s first major tidal power station, which will provide enough electricity to power 10,000 homes. The renewable energy station is to be built between the Hebridean islands if Islay and Jura. Generating enough energy to power the homes and distilleries on the islands, famous the their malt [...]

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   Apr 07

Renewable Energy & Eco Gadgets

We all love gadgets; from mobile phones and MP3 players to GPS and the TV remote. They make our lives easier, happier and more fun. However, all the gadgets we use require power and while the power consumption from most gadgets is quite low; when you consider how many of these little devices we use [...]

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