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   Mar 29

Counting the cost of a Wood Burning Stove

Along with the Aga, wood burning stoves have become a popular item in many homes. This back to basics from of home heating can be a great eco friendly alternative to central heating and gas and electric fires. Wood burning stoves put out a lot of heat, and while they also produce emissions in the [...]

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   Mar 04

The Rise of the Wood Burner

Last year, 180,000 wood burning stoves were installed in British homes. With record high energy prices and growing concerns about the environment, more and more people are turning to natural methods such as wood burning to heat their homes. Unlike open fires, which lose a lot of heat up the chimney, wood burning stoves are [...]

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   Feb 16

Comparison: Three Log Making Products

Making your own fuel out of recycled paper can be a real money saver for people with an open fire or wood burning stove. Not only can you make free fuel with a log maker, bug also you can cu down on the amount of waste you throw out. Log makers come in various types, [...]

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   Feb 08

Two Must-have Products for Wood Burning Stoves

If you have a wood burning stove or open fire there are two products that can realy help save you money and provide heating for your home without you having to spend money on fuel. Both Log Makers and log stores are must-have items for anybody with a wood burning stove or open fire because [...]

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   Nov 02

Benefits of a Wood-burning Stove

While they may seem like a throwback to Victorian England, wood-burning stoves are making a comeback. The cost of heating a home using gas and electric has risen dramatically in recent years, so more and more people are looking for alternative methods. Wood-burning stoves are an incredibly effective way of providing home heating, but their [...]

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   Mar 13

Time for a Log Store if you want Low Heating Costs Next Winter

Saving money on heating our home is something about which everybody is concerned. The price of gas and electric has never been higher, and when winter comes, it can become financially crippling for many families, a record number of which end up in fuel poverty. Finding inexpensive methods of providing home heating can make a [...]

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   Feb 15

The Growth of Wood Burning Stoves

Wood burning stoves and fireplaces are having a renaissance with many homes and householders returning to these traditional methods of supplying heating to a home. But why such a surge I their use and are they eco friendly? Well, there are numerous reasons for installing a wood-burning stove, such as aesthetics, as they make lovely [...]

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