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The Rise of the Wood Burner

   Mar 04

The Rise of the Wood Burner

Last year, 180,000 wood burning stoves were installed in British homes. With record high energy prices and growing concerns about the environment, more and more people are turning to natural methods such as wood burning to heat their homes. Unlike open fires, which lose a lot of heat up the chimney, wood burning stoves are incredibly efficient.

All this is great news for the environment because while wood burning stoves do produce smoke, the environmental impact is far lower than the emissions produced by coal-fired powers stations and burning hydrocarbons such as domestic gas.

Wood burning stoves are kinder to the environment

Furthermore, wood burning stoves are incredibly flexible. You can buy seasoned wood from garden centres, which burns slowly and produces a lot of heat. This seasoned wood is also relatively inexpensive compared to the cost of powering central heating. In addition, people with a wood burning stove can burn recycled wood, which is even cheaper. You can even season your own wood, found in parks and on country walks, in a log store. However, one of the cheapest methods of powering a wood burning stove is to burn recycled paper.

Log maker

You can’t just throw paper into a wood burning stove because it will burn in seconds and produce very little heat. However, if you compact, you can produce a slow burning paper log that burns for a good 20 minutes, which produces a lot of heat and very little smoke.

To make logs out of recycled paper, all you need is a Log Maker. These are incredibly cheap, and considering the money you can save in converting waste paper and card into fuel, a Log Maker will pay for itself in next to no time. Nearly anything can be turned into fuel using a Log Maker, not just paper and card. Garden waste, junk mail, takeaway menus, packets and packaging, even used teabags.

Cost of wood burning stoves

The only downside of the wood burning stove is the installation cost. Of course, over time, with the savings made this money will eventually get recouped. However, as it stands, a wood burning stove can cost a thousand pounds to buy and install. They can’t be installed just anywhere, either, as you need a flue. However, for those thinking about it, they are certainly a good investment, and thanks to clever devices like the Log Maker, you can start saving money on day one.

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