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Why We Should Use Energy Saving Lightbulbs

   Mar 07

Why We Should Use Energy Saving Lightbulbs

Increasingly we are being told to replace the traditional incandescent lightbulbs in our homes with energy saving bulbs, but how effective are these types of bulbs at saving energy and are the added cost of these bulbs worth it?

Saving energy is becoming more and more important as the build up of greenhouse gases effects the climate of our planet. To reduce this build up we need to lower the amount of energy we are using, thus cutting down on the emissions that cause such climatic problems.

Lighting is a constant use of energy. While we may not use our home-lighting during the day, you can bet that your office or workplace has the lights on, and at night, we all need electric lights to make living possible.

Every light bulb that is on, whether it is in the home at night, at the office during the day, or even in the back garden or front drive for security, is using energy and therefore responsible for emissions being pumped into the atmosphere.

Energy saving light bulbs are designed to give the same amount of visible light as incandescent bulbs, but use less power and have a longer lifetime. For a given period an energy saving lightbulb will use up to a third of the power of a regular incandescent bulb and they last over ten times as long.

These types of lightbulb do cost more though, and the price is often off-putting for some people; however, when you weigh the cost of replacing the bulbs, energy saving ones soon start paying for themselves. This is particularly true in businesses where huge savings can be made to both energy use and the cost of having to light a commercial buildings.

Cost savings of lighting is another incentive for people to change to energy saving bulbs as with less energy comes lower bills, and over time these savings really add up.

Other methods of saving energy and money when it comes to lighting can also be found. For temporary lighting like security lights and garden lighting, solar power can be used. While solar powered lighting may seem as an anachronism, by charging during the daylight, solar lights are able to provide lighting when it’s needed without needing any energy.

As lighting is so important, especially during the darker months, by saving energy we will not only reduce the emissions that are causing climate change and damaging the environment, but we will also save money on our electricity bills and in replacing lightbulbs.

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