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Winter is over but don’t forget your Eco Lighting

   Mar 25

Winter is over but don’t forget your Eco Lighting

Spring is officially here, although for many people in the country you wouldn’t know it, especially as there has been snowfall over the last week or so. However, spring does mean that the days are now getting longer and the nights shorter. Despite this, we all still rely on our electric lights in the spring and summer, although not quite as much as the winter. However, lighting is still a major source of our home energy use, which is expensive financially, and for the environment.

But you can do so much to reduce both the cost of lighting your home and reduce the environmental impact. And the first thing to do is ensure you are using energy saving lightbulbs.

Energy saving light bulbs

The daylight Biobulb is an energy saving light bulb that produced a natural light like sunlight.

Energy saving light bulbs use just a fraction of the energy of incandescent bulbs do, and while most people have now replaced their traditional light bulbs with these eco friendly lights, some people still haven’t changed. If you are one of these people, remember, energy saving bulbs can not only save you money in electricity use, but energy saving bulbs last much, much longer – up to ten years in some cases – which will save you having to buy replacement bulbs.




Light bulb timer

Leaving a light on is not only wasteful, but also it is so easily to do. You nip into a room to get something, switch the light on, and then forget it off again. If you don’t return to that room for some time, that light could be burning electricity for ours – even days. A light bulb timer is the perfect solution, especially for rooms you rarely use, such as the box room or garage. You can set these to switch off after a few minutes, which means you never have to worry about leaving them on. In addition, you can set them to turn on intermittently too, which makes them a good security feature for your home.

Solar lights in the garden can save money and be just as effective as regular lights

Solar lights

Another way of saving money and energy when it comes to lighting is not to use electricity when there is an alternative power source. This means all those external lights, such as security lights and garden lights, which are only used intermittently, can be powered by solar energy. Solar powered lights have several advantages. Firstly, they cost nothing to power. By recharging in the day, a solar light can store enough energy for use at night. They can be pretty powerful, and solar garden lights and security lights are just as bright as mains powered lighting. Secondly, because you don’t have to connect solar lights to the mains, they are cheap and easy to install, as you don’t need an electrician. If you need a security light, or enjoy having garden lighting, solar power is by far the best solution.

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