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Wool Bedding is not just for the Winter

   Mar 18

Wool Bedding is not just for the Winter

Wool is a wonderful material for bedding. Fewer things are as warm and cosy in the winter than a wool duvet. Being snug and warm in bed, while the wind howls outside and snow lies on the ground is a great feeling. However, that doesn’t means that wool bedding is only for winter.

The summer is a time when a lot of people struggle with their sleep. Feeling hot and clammy is often a cause of insomnia, while overheating during the night can lead to you waking up, or spending the night tossing and turning. And adults are not the only ones that struggle with sleep in the summer. Babies and toddlers often have sleepless nights when it is hot and sticky, and this means if they are awake, you’ll be awake.

When it is hot and sticky, you may feel like just sleeping under a sheet. However, this is often a bad idea because if it gets cooler during the night, which it invariable does, you’ll possibly wake up because you feel cold. Secondly, while cotton sheets start off cool, if it is humid and you start perspiring during the night, you can soon start feeling clammy and sticky. This is because cotton traps the moisture against the skin, or worse, it gets soaked up into the cotton making it moist.

Wool for the summer

Wool is perhaps the best material for the summer because of the way it reacts to changing temperatures. Just as wool keeps you warm in the winter, wool can keep you cool in the summer. This is because of the unique way wool reacts to temperature and the way its fibres are structured. Wool fibres allow in the air. When it’s cold, the body heats this air and helps insulate you. However, when it is warm, because the air is circulating, the heat is taken away from the body keeping you cool.

In addition, the same arrangement of fibres helps draw moisture away from the body too. Perspiration is there to keep us cool when it gets too hot. It does this by evaporating in the air, removing the heat energy. However, when we lie between sheets or a duvet, the moisture can’t evaporate and clings to our skin, making us feel clammy. This also will prevent you developing rashes because of night sweats, a condition that affects millions of people, especially those getting on in years.

With wool, the moisture is drawn away from the body, allowing the heat to dissipate. This not only helps you maintain a stable temperature, but also prevents any feelings of clamminess or stickiness. Furthermore, if the temperature changes during the night, the circulating air in the wool fibres will maintain the same temperature, no matter how hot or cold it gets.

Wool helps children get a good night’s sleep

Wool for children

Wool bedding for children is perhaps even more beneficial. Babies and toddlers obviously don’t have the knowledge to know they are feeling too hot or too cold, so invariably will just wake up crying, leading to parents waking up too. By putting your young ones in a wool cot duvet you will reduce the chance of them waking up during the night.

In addition, because wool is hypoallergenic and deters dust mites, a leading cause of asthma and allergies, wool is a safe, friendly and natural material for children, It is less likely to cause rashes irritate the skin compared to manmade fibres, so your children will get a long, restful night’s sleep, which means you will too.

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